October 26, 2016                   7:30 AM – 4:30 PM      Register Now

If you’re not keeping up with the latest trends in social media, digital marketing, and modern sales techniques,  your business could be falling behind faster than you think. This event will  not only help you keep up with the latest changes — it will help you stay a step or two ahead of the pack.  You’ll learn about improvements you need to make in areas that could make or break your business.  Can you afford not to attend ?

Operating a small business can be frustrating at times, with owners often feeling like they’re the only ones playing a game of catch-up with the latest trends. Many other business leaders are experiencing the same problems and are actually eager to share those experiences with others.

This event is a great way to meet other small business owners who share your challenges and concerns.  Online networking is a great way to make connections with others but it’s not as effective as face-to-face interactions.  So,  get out of your natural environment and meet people you don’t usually encounter.

Here’s what you should expect from this event:

  • Become enlightened +  inspired + more connected.
  • Learn how to interact more effectively with your customers.
  • Join a community that embraces change.
  • Have some fun in the process.

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